1. Coaching sessions generally take place over the phone unless it has already been decided that the sessions will occur in person.

2. Each session takes place once a week within a four week month. Coach Life Play Life works with clients for a minimum period of 3 months.

3. Each weekly session will last for one hour.

4. I may give my clients weekly assignments, reflective exercises or tools to incorporate within their lifestyle. These assignments are deemed important to the development of the individual’s coaching progress and should be completed/reviewed before the next coaching session takes place.

5. During the week, I will be in touch with my clients and vice versa through whichever method of communication is considered most convenient for the client.

6. During your 1 hour of coaching there will be no interruption, distraction, noise pollution or missing/rescheduling of the call by either the coach or the client. Both will come prepared for the call and be ready to discuss topics based on the set agenda.

7. Should it be decided the sessions will take place in-person, a quiet and non-disruptive location will be chosen.

At Coach Life Play Life, every clients’ confidentiality during our entire relationship is confidential. No matter what walk of life you are coming from or whether you choose to receive your coaching over the phone or in-person, we will work together in order for you to build your trust in me as your coach, in the coaching process and in reaping the benefits of coaching.